“If you have thought begin a project, without how much complicated it is, trust in us and optimizes your time and eliminates the typical error. We advise and guide you in each one of the step of your construction, thank to our integrated and quality service.”.

Who we are


SayGo Spa it is formed with the idea of integrating in only one place everything necessary to develop your Project, such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Legal Steps between others in addition to offering the service of real estate management. We are provided with all the Engineering and Architecture to construct or to remodel your project from beginning to end, taking advice in any process and entrusting that this experience is the best for you.


Real estate management

The projects with stamp SayGo are provided with the professionals’ participation of the first level in the field of construction, with a wide experience of more than 20 years in projects of different nature. Because we know that his time costs, in SayGo we worry about managing everything what you need. From the administration of his property up to the procedure of the legal documents.

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