We are provided with all the Engineering and Architecture to construct or to remodel your project from beginning to end, taking advice in any process and entrusting that this experience is the best for you.



Engineerings structural

  • Draft.
  • Planes of Architecture (plants, courts and elevations)
  • Constructive or building details
  • Planes 3D
  • Seismic memory of calculation.
  • Planes of foundations.
  • Planes of structure.
  • Planes of structural details.

Sanitary engineering

Engineerings electrical

  • Sanitary memory of calculation.
  • Plane of Sewerage and Drinkable Water
  • Pits, drain, etc.
  • Picture of charges
  • Plane of force.
  • Plane of system of illumination.
  • Weak currents.

Additional engineerings

  • Hvac (air conditioning).
  • Humid network, extinction of fire.
  • Mechanics of soils.
  • Topography.

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